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General Chat

Chit chat with the whole community in #general. Greet new members, discuss news articles, or share videos you've seen.


Talk with locals in #newyork, #losangeles, and #sanfrancisco. There are even channels like #news, #videos and of course...#nsfw.

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Having people over or want to see who's going out? Make a private channel just for your friends you want to invite.

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Have one-on-one conversations with anyone in the chat. Share your handle and talk with just the one guy. No one's peeking.

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Say you're visiting New York from Los Angeles. You tell everyone in the #newyork chat that you're thinking about coming, and someone tells you where the best place is to stay. You saw earlier in #announcements that there's a party happening the night you fly in. Someone you've been talking to in the #general chat tells you they'll be in town too, so you can direct message him about your plans to meet up. You take photos, videos, and share them with your private group chat of friends back in LA. You meet someone interesting that night at the party. "Let's keep in touch on the chat" he says - didn't even a need a number.

Meet some of our members

We have members from all over the world: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Taipei...and the list keeps growing! We're trying to bring everything related to the gay Asian lifestyle into one safe community.



New York


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